Author - Matt M.

Will your cheap garments end up costing you?

There’s no shame in taking advantage of a great deal, but it’s important to measure the deal against the possible consequences. Some things can be smart to get at a bargain, like some furnishings, lawn care equipment and items that are eventually disposable. You wouldn’t sacrifice your comfort with a cheap mattress – that’s the same concept here. Often a business will be just starting out and need to save as much as possible, and there’s no shame in that. [...]


Transform your workwear improve your business

Certain careers and jobs require professionals to wear uniforms to work each day. Sometimes this is for comfort and sometimes it is for cleanliness as in the case of medical professionals. However, some businesses do not currently use matching workwear in their place of employment. There are a number of benefits associated with matching workwear and with more and more companies providing the option for printing your company logo or name onto high quality gear from brands like Port [...]


Why Screen Printed Hoodie?

With winter upon us we all still want to promote our business, band or organization but also stay warm and comfy right? That’s where screen printed hoodies come in, they are the perfect way to promote or advertise your organization while keeping you warm and comfy. Screen printing hoodies is a great choice for big bold designs either on the front, back, or sides that will be sure to get you noticed. Screen printed hoodies is a relatively inexpensive way [...]


Stay Cool and not stained

How Modern Fabrics keep you Cool Perspiration is something everyone has to put up with, especially during summer when the temperatures heat up. It’s your body’s way of cooling down. Even if sweating is a part of life there’s nothing more embarrassing than arriving at a meeting with tell-tale sweat stains underneath your arms. Regardless whether anyone else notices it can knock your self-confidence, negatively effecting the impression you make and maybe losing you work. The good news is these [...]


How to choose the right T-Shirt?

Haven’t we all done it? light but heavy, fitted but loose, soft but strong and all things in between. It can be painful, so we are here to help by sharing the road, on our endless journey to choose the perfect T-Shirt. The sad fact is, we simply can’t have it all, and we have to compromise when choosing the perfect T-shirt. Actually, compromise is the wrong word to use, we have to list all the features that relate to [...]


10 reasons Screen Printing is great!

hello, Here are my top 10 reasons why I think Screen Printing is the Best: 1) Every print we do is Hand pulled, So every print is different and unique. 2) Screen Prints (especially on paper) have a quality like no other printing process. The Ink sits crisply on the surface which gives it a lovely tactile finish. 3) It’s so exciting seeing designs come in, that push the boundaries of Screen Printing in a new way. I personally love seeing a good [...]



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